offering tours aimed specifically at finding and photographing dragonflies and damselflies around the world


Welcome to the Odonatours website, a travel company offering tours aimed specifically at finding and photographing dragonflies and damselflies around the world. Odonata-based tourism is currently an activity only truly appreciated by the very few and so we will only be offering a few tours each year. Publication of this website heralds the 'soft' start of the business (the larval stage) and it may take a little while to iron out all the wrinkles that inevitably appear when setting up a new tourism venture.

Our tours are invariably exciting. Our first tour - a two week trip to Madagascar in 2016 - with KD Dijkstra - was incredibly successful, with at least five species new to science. Our second tour in 2017 - 18 days in Indonesia - bagged two more new species we think. Subsequent tours have produced photographs of rarely seen odonates and those on the 2018 Vietnam tour will struggle to forget the buzz of collectively recording over 200 species with the incomparable Kompier. The recent introduction of small-group photographic and reconaissance tours allows a more gentle approach with photography placed firmly at the fore.

Most tours will be led by Phil Benstead together with an appropriate identification consultant for the region being visited. Our tropical tours especially therefore will give you the chance to travel with some of the big names in modern odonatology. The focus during daylight hours on these tours will be on odonates, although there will be time to pursue other taxa at night if you have the energy... (Phil is very keen on amphibians and mammals.)

You might like to check out participation in one of Phil's reconnaissance trips (see here) or register your interest in our tours scheduled for 2020.

As mentioned above we will be offering a number of 'at-cost' recce trips to countries with good fieldguides, eg Australia, North America and within the Western Palearctic. These will necessarily be more informal and ad hoc than organised tours but may appeal to people on a tighter budget with a sense of adventure.

Tours will be offered without an international flight but will include internal flights (if any). It will be the clients responsibility to arrange appropriate flights to meet up at the start point of the tour and to return home.



Southern Vietnam 2021

16-day Southern Vietnam tour of with Tom Kompier and Phil

The inevitable follow up to our triumphant 2018 trip to the north has finally been organised. Click here for details.


Tropical Queensland recce tour 2020

21-day Australia recce with Phil

Join Phil for a recce tour targetting the endemic odonates of  the Cairns area of East Australia in December 2020. Get in touch for more details.


Namibia 2020

I have loaded the report from this trip in the Trip Report section.

REGUA tour 2019

We had a challenging time weatherwise in Brazil but emerged dripping with a reasonable haul of species photographed. The report is here.

Sri Lanka recce 2018

Our first foray into Sri Lanka was wet but successful, you can now read the report here. We will go back on a a full tour if six people sign up in the future...

Sulawesi and Halmahera 2017

Although the tour failed to fill enough for us to take Rory Dow, a few intrepid clients accompanied Phil on this fantastic tour. We almost certainly found two new species for the world on Halmahera, you can read the report here. I want to go back if anyone is keen...

Trip report hosting

I want to use part of the website capacity to host trip reports from other Odonata enthusiasts. If you have a trip report you want to share, send it to us as a .pdf.

Vietnam 2018 - 207 species!

The Vietnam tour with Tom Kompier exceeded expectations, we recorded 200+ species including 36 gomphids!  Read about it here.


Oz 2019 recce report

The 2019 recce to Australia tackled  three endemic packed areas of southern Queensland. You can check out the report here.



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