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Phil Benstead

Phil Benstead was born in Norfolk (UK) and it was here that a lifelong love of wetlands and their associated wildlife sprang to life. Whilst working at the RSPB at Strumpshaw Fen in the mid-80s,  Phil found the first Norfolk hawker (Aeshna isosceles) for the site in over twenty years, proof of the efficacy of the conservation work being carried out at the time. Since then a love of Odonates has grown year-on-year into a reasonably well-managed obsession.

Phil has been travelling in pursuit of wildlife for 30 years and has been leading wildlife tours since the late-90s with over 85 trips under his belt, mostly for the excellent general natural history tour company Greentours. Travelling with Greentours has allowed Phil to record nearly 10% of the Odonata fauna of the world and he is keen to add more in the future!

Phil lives on the west coast of Sweden with his family and spends a lot of his time poking about in the municipality where he lives, an area where he has recorded 42 species of Odonata over the last eight years.

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© Phil Benstead

© Phil Benstead